export chitosan from China

Pectic enzymes also known as pectinase are proteins used to break down pectin, a gelatinous material that binds plant cells together. Adding it to a wine must will reduce the size of the pectin molecules, helping to extract the maximum amount of juice & color from the fruit. Add pectic enzymes at the beginning of fermentation will also prevent pectin haze in wines and cider. Typically the enzymes are mixed in with the must prior to starting fermentation.

Our Pectinase is a blend of enzymes such as polygalacturonase, cellulase, hemicellulase and amylase.

  • Appearance : Light-yellow Powder
  • Plant origin : Aspergillus niger
  • Activity of enzyme : 30,000 Units/g min
  • Odor : Free of offensive odor
  • As (Arsenic) ≤ 2 mg/kg
  • Pb (Lead) ≤ 2 mg/kg
  • Coliforms <30 CFU/g
  • Salmonella : Absent in 25g
  • Total Plate Count ≤10 000 CFU/g
  • Yeast & Mold ≤ 100 CFU/g
  • Storage : in a cool place, temperature < 25℃
  • Shelf life : 1 year
  • Packaging : Drums 20kg or 50kg