export chitin and chitosan from Asia

Grow Active Chitosan is a special formula developed for the benefit of farmers and anyone who loves planting. Formulated with high concentration of our high purity food grade chitosan. It can be used with commercial crops, ornamental plants and fruit trees. It promotes disease resistance in plants and helps to condition soil.


Key Benefits
  • Helps condition the soil for planting
  • Strengthen the roots
  • Controlled release of minerals and nutrients to the plant
  • Used for coating seeds to improve germination
  • Stimulate plant growth and reduces usage of fertilizers
  • Increases strength and resistance to diseases. Suppresses plant diseases, such as viral, bacterial and fungal diseases
  • GrowActive Chitosan is a powerful Cation which is 100% Natural and Non-Toxic
  • Increase growth and yield of crops
Methods of Chitosan Application for Plants

Method of application

Soil enrichment

Foliar spraying

Seed coating

Supplement in hydroponic

Supplement in plant tissue






For plants

Potato, soybean, lettuce, tomato, spinach
Black pepper

Tomato, peanut, soybean, cabbage, green pea, rice, maize, coffee, black pepper, cotton, lettuce, spinach, Dendrobium orchid, Eustoma, Gladiolus

Soybean, cotton, pearl millet, cucumber, pumpkin, chili, cabbage, wheat, rice, rapeseed, Cymbidium orchid

Rice, wheat, peanut, barley, soybean, spoon cabbage

Chrysanthemum, Lisianthus, Limonium, Dendrobium, Taxus, Rubia, carrot